Procedure Referrals

If your referring physician would like to refer you to our office for one of the many out-patient procedures that we offer, please have them fax an order for the procedure using our Physician Referral Form. Along with this form please include demographic and insurance information, recent office notes, and most recent imaging reports.

Procedure Instructions

1. Do not eat or drink anything after midnight prior to the procedure.

2. Take your regularly scheduled medications with the following exceptions:

  • NO ASPIRIN, ADVIL, OR ANY TYPE OF ANTI-INFLAMMATORY for five (5) days prior to the procedure.
  • STOP Coumadin three (3) days prior to the procedure.
  • STOP Plavix five (5) days prior to the procedure.

If you have questions regarding the safety of these medications during a procedure please don’t hesitate to contact your physician.

3. You will need to make arrangements for a responsible adult to drive you have after your procedure. The medication you receive during the procedure may cause drowsiness making it unsafe for you to operate vehicles and heavy machinery.

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